February, 2017

Welcome CHEF Friends & Colleagues,

Change is in the air!? As we power through another winter of wind and cold temperatures, we experience the promise of another beautiful Chicago spring every time overcast clouds give way to an ardent blue sky.? We are reminded that many roughEdavis waves have accompanied successful voyages and the hard work of the spring is part and parcel with a bountiful harvest.

A contemptuous 2016 election culminated in a new administration, accompanied by some course-changes from the previous national leadership that are sure to affect our industry.? The sea of change is nothing new for healthcare, though the pace of change has seemed to steepen having just enacted the most sweeping healthcare legislation since Medicare just recently.? The mantle of leadership has never been so heavy. Having only a few years ago accepted the call to reach beyond ?sick-care? and be accountable for the health of communities, we now require the agility necessary to respond to the repeal, replace, or repair mandate that is forthcoming.

The Chicago Health Executives Forum, having been incepted over 40 years ago with the tenets of collaboration, learning and personal development, stands at your side.? The dedicated volunteers that serve on the CHEF board have endeavored to honor that legacy with programming such as the C-Suite Dinners and ACHE-approved educational events across our region.? We will continue to build upon our strong foundation tonight with nationally renowned futurist Ian Morrison as our through innovations that allows our membership the opportunity to harness these winds of change for the betterment of our industry.? We will produce new programs and collaborations in 2017 staying true to our original mission of fostering personal and professional development in the healthcare space.

I encourage you to get involved!? Submit your application for fellowship and join the 20% of membership with an advanced credential.? Serve on a committee or attend an event near you. Volunteer to be a panelist or host a networking event.? Write an article for the local newsletter or one of ACHE?s national journals.? However you chose to engage, CHEF will support you in that effort.

Thank you to all the students, seasoned careerists, professionals and senior executives who have shared stories and valuable lessons with me this past year.? We will incorporate your thoughts and more into a year of innovation, service, and constant encouragement for all our membership. I implore you all to revel in your accomplishments, for it is good work that we do!

Thank you for the honor of serving as your chapter President.