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2015 ACHE/CHEF RAC Fellowship Program

The 2015 ACHE/CHEF Regent Advisory Council’s Annual Fellowship Program “The Fellowship Experience:? From Students to Leaders“, will be held Thursday, September 24th at Northwestern’s Prentice Women’s Education Center, located at 225 East Chicago Avenue in Chicago, IL.

Postgraduate fellowships have offered an important transition for healthcare management master?s program graduates from the role of student to practitioner for more than 30 years. Similar to many other types of field-based experiential learning options designed for master?s students and early careerists in the healthcare management field, these opportunities have numerous benefits for fellowship recipients and sponsors alike. Fellowships allow recipients to experience the challenges and opportunities of running healthcare organizations from the 360 degree perspective of those at the top, rather than the narrower, though valuable, experience they would gain by working in just one department or unit after graduate school. Fellowship sponsors also benefit greatly from having newly minted healthcare management master?s graduates join their organizations. By offering new graduates opportunities to be mentored by senior members of their executive team and rotating them through the organization?s various administrative units, these short-term commitments expose fellowship sponsors to the latest developments in the healthcare management field.

To see the list of participating companies, click here.? If you wish to register, click here.

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