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2015 CHEF/ACHE RAC Consulting Program to Feature Gerald Glandon, PhD

The 2015 CHEF/ACHE Regent’s Advisory Committee’s Consulting program is titled Beyond Traditional Employment Settings:? Association, Consulting and Insurance Future Employment Trends and will feature Guest Speaker and Facilitator: Gerald Glandon, Ph.D., President/CEO, Association of University Programs in Health Administration.? The program will be held February 19th, 2015 at the Prentice Women’s Hospital’s 3rd Floor Conference Center in downtown Chicago.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014) most recent occupational outlook projections indicate that over 73,000 new healthcare administration positions will be added to the U.S. economy by 2022. The field?s projected job growth of 23% is significantly higher than that in other sectors of the economy and translates to increasing career opportunities for healthcare master?s program graduates in the related and tangential fields of health informatics, consulting, risk management, medical device development, and pharmaceutical benefit management, among others.

Just as these factors collectively mean that the demand for new healthcare administrators will be growing for some time to come, shifts in the underlying age structure of the U.S. population indicate that the supply of senior-level healthcare executives and administrators will be shrinking. In particular, this will occur as the large share of aging baby boomers among their ranks continues to retire. Cohn and Taylor (2010) estimate that the overall aging of the baby boomer population (those born between 1946 and 1964) means that 10,000 workers will retire every day for the next 20 years. The potential shortfall in trained healthcare administrators over this period will accelerate expanding career opportunities for healthcare management master?s program graduates.

If you wish to register, click here.? To view/download the program flyer which includes the preliminary list of participating companies, click here.

Fee:? $40.00 Students; $50.00 non-students


5:30 pm ? 6:00 pm?????????? Registration
6:00 pm ? 6:30 pm?????????? Employer Panel on Future Employment Trends
6:30 pm ? 7:45 pm?????????? Speed Networking
7:45 pm ? 8:00 pm??? ? ? ? Closing Remarks

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