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2016 CHEF President Message

Dear CHEF/ACHE Colleagues-?G Casciato Headshot

At ??CHEF?s Annual Meeting held on February 18th, I had the privilege of becoming CHEF?s President. This is an incredible honor. I have also previously served CHEF as President in 2009 and have a tremendous respect for an organization that develops and mentors healthcare leaders, recognizing the critical role they play in delivering healthcare?s value proposition.

Stellar leadership is critical in healthcare today, as these leaders will guide the industry through unprecedented ?changes and transitions. It is impossible to attend a healthcare conference or read a healthcare publication that does not address ?the requirements of healthcare leadership and what it takes to reposition an industry.

Anthony Tedeschi ,MD, MPH, MBA,?is this year?s recipient of the ACHE Healthcare Leadership Award, recognized at CHEF?s Annual Meeting. Dr. Tedeschi ?is the CEO of Tenet Healthcare?s Northeast Region-Chicago Market and the CEO ofTedeschi Weiss Memorial Hospital. ?He is a physician, administrator, community leader , collaborator and was referred to by his staff as ?Someone we respect so highly we would walk through fire for him.?

Dr. Tedeschi?s personal principles of leadership are most inspiring and helpful to leaders at every stage of personal development:

  1. Have clarity of focus and what you are trying to accomplish every day.
  2. Remember the patient?s perspective in all you do, ?with better communication and more compassion.
  3. Create a highly effective team that is well recognized and supported.
  4. Seek diversity of experiences with a team composite that collectively reflects all strengths and bridges weaknesses.
  5. Build strong relationships with physicians in healthcare, this is important as anything we do.
  6. Seek and later become a terrific mentor, knowing there is ?an obligation to pay it forward in helping others? with ??access to your knowledge and life experiences.
  7. Hold your family unit tight, whether they be family or close friends, as they help support us each and every day.

CHEF-ACHE was pleased to recognize Dr. Tedeschi, ?as he shares the values and principles that CHEF is aligned with.

Success leaves clues and CHEF assembles these important messages to assist our members and colleagues on their journey. CHEF is committed to growing exceptional healthcare leaders at every turn of their career. Please watch our program emails, newsletters and website for updates on the following 2016 Programs:

  • CHEF Leadership Series
  • Networking & Education Events
  • Collaborative programs with? HFMA,HIMSS, SHSMD & other associations
  • ACHE-CHEF Award Nomination (Opens in October)
  • C-Suite Dinner Series
  • CHEF University: FACHE Advancement
  • Committee & Board Involvement
  • Innovations Summit

In closing, Dr. Tedeschi reminds us that healthcare leaders have the privilege of taking care of people in need . He references this as an honor and is most appreciative and humbled by this important work each and every day . He challenges himself and now all of us, to end each day with a very deliberate question:? What could we have done different and better today that we can incorporate into tomorrow??

Like Dr. Tedeschi, CHEF is most humbled by the role we play in the development of healthcare leaders. We are here to help you on your personal ?journey and as well as your path to organizational excellence.


Georgia Casciato, FACHE
CHEF-ACHE President 2016 & 2009
Managing Director-Healthcare
Patina Solutions

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