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2020 CHEF-Talks Webinar Video: Future of Healthcare Facilities: Adaptability, Scalability and Equity – Are Fundamental Shifts Occurring?

How much investment in healthcare facilities is too much? Is the healthcare system capable of handling a pandemic on its own? Are there opportunities to make decisions as part of a larger ecosystem where competitors become collaborators? Are there strategies to create a safer, healthier environment for healthcare providers? Can elective procedures take place during a pandemic? Can rehabilitation take place during a pandemic? How are other industries adapting or evolving to serve a customer need?

The experiences we are gaining, combined with an understanding of how healthcare has changed over the past 15 years, provides an opportunity to explore and share observations about what the future of healthcare design and operations can look like: Adaptable, Scalable and Equitable.

Moderated by:
Tim WeidmanSr. Director, Business Development, The Walsh Group

Panelists include:
Randall Ehret, Technical Director, ESD
Douglas King
Vice President – Healthcare Sector – Project Management Advisors Inc (PMA)
Ryan J. Landi, MHA, MPHActing Assistant Medical Center Director, Office of the Director, Jesse Brown VA Medical Center
David Nienhueser, Senior Manager, ECG – Facility and Capital Asset Planning Division

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