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41st CHEF Annual Meeting Recap

The 41st Annual Meeting for the Chicago Health Executives Forum marked a highpoint for the chapter as a one of our most popular events. ?Held at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, it proved to be an energetic evening looking toward the future of health care in Chicago and beyond.

An evening that began with networking and comradery welcomed participants into the main ballroom to engage with gracious remarks from CHEF Immediate Past President, Georgia Casciato, FACHE, and an introduction of current CHEF President, Earnest Davis, Jr., FACHE. The event next transitioned to an awards ceremony, facilitated by Theresa Burkhart, FACHE, ?that celebrated local leaders? efforts to improve health care for all Chicagoans. Interim Regent, Raymond Swisher, FACHE, congratulated the awardees.

Much appreciated sponsors of the event included the American Hospital Association, the Illinois Health and Hospital Association, Integrated Project Management (IPM), Walden University, Presence Health, and Novo Nordisk.

Participants enjoyed many laughs while learning about Ian Morrison?s thoughts on the future of health care given an evolving political climate. Wondering what will happen in the long-term? Per Silicon Valley-based Morrison, we can expect to continue along the paths of coverage expansion, payment reform, volume to value, consolidation and integration, delivery shift to the ambulatory environment, and focus on IT infrastructure.

Morrison mentioned that the uninsured rate in the United States has decreased especially among Medicaid expansion states since 2013. He cited Harvard Kennedy School professor Dr. Robert Blendon (Harvard/ Politico, October 2016) when displaying polling data on the ?partisan divide on health care.? Findings include that 32% of all likely voters thought that the ACA was working ?somewhat well? and 38% thought it was working ?very poorly.? 57% of likely Clinton voters thought it was working somewhat well and 5% thought it was working very poorly. Only 4% of likely Trump voters thought the ACA was working somewhat well and 74% thought it was working very poorly.

Morrison mentioned interesting tensions between bundles and population health/ risk and accountable care and reminded us of ?hot spotters? where 5% account for 50% of spending and 1% account for 20%.

Looking ahead to 2020, Morrison predicts that a ?Repeal and Replace? will likely cause strategic chaos, but pressure on public payment sources continues as private payers will not tolerate cost shifting. He also predicts that exchanges, Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and DB to DC among employers make the market trend toward retail. The key thing to expect the future: change.

Luckily, in the spirit of continuous improvement and focus on members, as well as a dedication to improving healthcare for Chicagoans, the Chicago Health Care Executives Forum (CHEF) will continue to provide resources to help you stay ahead of the curve. CHEF educational and networking events give you a first-hand glimpse on how to create the future your patients deserve here at home, in Chicago.

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