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7 Ways Accomplished People Begin Their Morning Routine

Travis Bradberry, author of the best-selling book Emotional Intelligence 2.0, recently published an article on outlining seven early-morning habits people who want to be successful should adopt, summarized below.

1. Drink lemon water. The nutrients in lemon water improve physical and mental energy levels.

2. Exercise. Research has shown exercising can boost a person?s energy as well as their outlook. Positive, energized people tend to get more done.

3. Disconnect from technology. Avoid jumping onto your phone before you even get out of bed. Texts, emails and social media alerts can clutter the mind.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast. There?s a reason breakfast is called the ?most important meal of the day.? Eating a healthy breakfast can enhance short-term memory and concentration levels.

5. Be mindful. Many successful leaders begin each day by meditating. The quiet time allows the mind to focus, combat stress and be more creative.

6. Set goals. Setting specific, feasible goals helps leaders remain calm and productive in the face of a hectic workday.

7. Say no. It?s important for leaders to honor their commitments, even if the commitment is to a quiet, work-free morning routine. People who can say ?no? to taking on a new commitment that would encroach upon a previous engagement are less likely to overextend themselves.

?Adapted from ?7 Things Wildly Successful People Do Before 7:30 A.M.,? by Travis Bradberry,, Oct. 18, 2016.

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