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“A Great Time Was Had By All” – Wrap-Up of June Networking Event at UC

On June 23rd, the Chicago Health Executives Forum hosted a networking event at the University of Chicago.? A great time was had by all and I would encourage any member that has not been to a networking event to make the IMG_3367effort. You can and will find someone to talk to. I feel it was a great mix with a broad base of industries represented. I met people from the following fields: project management consulting, healthcare facilities management, healthcare law, home health, medical students.

The speaker was Susan Murphy, Director of Patient Experience at University of Chicago. She educated us on the Patient Experience Engagement Program, affectionately known as the PEEPS program. This program encompasses all of the efforts at U of C which focus on enriching the customer experience. With future reimbursement tied to quality and satisfaction scores this is a timely topic. Some of the takeaways were:

  • They utilize a Guest Service Ambassador program. This utilizes employees that engage patients on a daily basis and ask them how their experience is going. They also facilitate way finding or getting information for the patient. U of C is exploring the possibility of utilizing more volunteer staff for this function in the future.
  • Susan emphasized that the technology piece is firmly in place and now the focus is shifting more from technology to caring. It is really about the voice of the patient.
  • Susan expressed that U of C challenges employees to convey to the patient why they are in healthcare and what drives them.
  • ?The key is employees making a difference every day?
  • Susan explained the recent culture shift at U of C, in which the focus has been employee to employee relations and that this has improved. This attitude of caring about each other filters to the patient who then feels that they will be cared for also.


Mario Pistilli, MBA, CNMT
Manager, IR, Diagnostic Radiology, Mammography, MRI, NM
Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center

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