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A Message From Your CHEF President, Leslie Johnson, RN, MSN, MBA, FACHE

Dear Chapter Members:

As you read the Chicago Health Executives March 2021 newsletter, I hope you are welcoming Spring with open arms and feeling renewed. It’s been a year since the pandemic was unleashed and, as I reflect back, it is so important to confirm how much we continue to learn and grow as professionals in the healthcare sector. Together…

  • WE Have Improved Data Analytics and Technology
    • Yes, it’s challenging, but delivering on the ability to capture real-time data will ensure tremendous promise in healthcare delivery in the future.
  • WE Are Ensuring Virtual Care is Effective and Here to Stay
    • During the first few months of the pandemic, we found ourselves rapidly pivoting to virtual care and learning tremendous amounts quickly. We learned we can offer safe, quality, effective, and convenient care that is well-received by the consumer. We anticipate this model, and additional disruptors, will continue in the future.
  • WE Are Rebuilding and Continuing to Re-Imagine Healthcare
    • Hospitals and systems have focused on learning to coexist with COVID-19 and provide care to patients with and without COVID. Continuing to reimagine and rebuilding our health system will be a priority in the future.
  • WE Continue to Build Collaborations and Partnerships
    • Together, we have developed and experienced new and different working relationships within our organizations and across sectors. These collaborations and partnerships have helped bridge connections — in the workforce, with data and between organizations. Collaboration is hard, and it takes considerable energy and commitment, but doing it alone, does not allow us to deliver the quality healthcare product we need to in this challenging time.

As we look ahead, let’s continue to share and learn. The Chicago Health Executives Forum has continued to develop outstanding educational programming and virtual networking opportunities that will foster growth and development for our chapter members.

I encourage you to take advantage of the library of podcasts ACHE has to offer on their website. This library notes best practices as well as innovative strategies that address over 30 different topics, such as innovation, equity in workforce culture, and behavioral health disparities. These podcasts discuss the many challenges each of us as healthcare leaders may be encountering today.

We are looking forward to the near future when our Committees can begin in-person activities as a compliment to the remote world.  Please continue to monitor to learn more about what our chapter has to offer and how to become involved.


Leslie Johnson, RN, MSN, MBA, FACHE
President, Chicago Health Executives Forum

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