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A Message From Your CHEF President, Leslie R. Johnson, RN, FACHE

As we close out 2020, and are so excited to unleash 2021, let us take a moment to reflect on the past year. As we entered 2020, we heard about COVID-19, and now we cannot seem to escape it. Take a moment to think about how much we have transformed because of it. I am talking about RESILIENCE!

Specifically, I would like to provide a tremendous shout out and thank you to our Board of Directors, our Committee Leaders and Team Members for the Chicago Health Executives Forum this year. These individuals have worked to transform the way we provide services for our Chapter Members.


  • VISION: Thank you to this team for helping to establish a vision of providing a virtual platform for Face to Face and Qualified Education programming with expert speakers and networking opportunities. I believe the goals we establish together will continue to meet the needs of our chapter members and satisfy their educational needs.
  • COLLABORATION: Thank you for your teamwork and endless volunteer hours. Your innovative ideas and coordinative efforts have not gone unnoticed.
  • COMPOSURE: Thank you for your consistency as you have continued to offer all these programs to our chapter members at record speed, never wavering during this challenging time.
  • TENACITY: Thank you for your overwhelming optimism and attitude which has driven us to achieve our impeccable program results this year, planning of the annual event, and a successful virtual charity event.
  • REASONING: Thank you for listening to each other, anticipating, planning, and responding appropriately to ensure the best possible service for our chapter members.
  • HEALTH: Thank you for supporting each other’s health as a team. It is essential, for everyone to take the opportunity to do a status check and determine where each other is at. At times, one person will need to do a little more work at one point versus another due to a HEALTH CHECK! That’s ok. That’s teamwork!

Chances are, during 2020, your healthcare team showed RESILIENCE just as the CHEF team has done. I encourage you to take a MOMENT to recognize this and continue to encourage this growth in 2021.

Thank you all for leadership in healthcare!

Leslie Johnson, RN, MSN, MBA, FACHE
Silver Cross Hospital
President, CHEF

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