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A Message From Your CHEF President, Leslie R. Johnson, RN, FACHE

My Compliments and Gratitude to the Chicago Healthcare Executives Forum (CHEF)

I am firm believer in GRATITUDE. Charles Dickens once said, “Reflect upon your blessings of which every man has plenty, not on your misfortunes, of which all men have some.”

We are living in an unprecedented time, where we are seeing the emergence of COVID-19 cause illness, respiratory infections, and even death. It has caused our professional and personal lives to change. While some changes have brought misfortune, other changes have driven us to think innovatively as highly reliable organizations with a preoccupation with failure.

While this new norm has placed strain on our healthcare delivery system and tested us in our ability to manage quality, operations, and ensure safety for all our patients, staff, and medical staff, our chapter members have risen to the challenge.

Each day many of you and your peers are on the front line making personal sacrifices every day and doing what is needed to help us reach the other side of this pandemic and emerge as even stronger healthcare organizations. On behalf of the Chicago Healthcare Executive Forum (CHEF), I am extending a heart filled THANK YOU to you and your respective teams for your unwavering commitment, dedication, and service.

With Gratitude,


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