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ACHE Executive Diversity Career Navigator – We Need Your Support

Dear Chicago Health Executive Forum Members,

I would like to share my experience relative to contributing to the Executive Diversity Career Navigator (EDCN). During the month of July, I had the pleasure of  meeting Matthew Relano, ACHE Diversity & Inclusion Summer Intern at a CHEF Education ~ Diversity & Inclusion Event. Matthew and I reconvened on August 3, 2017, he mentioned that he was working on an Internship Project that would entail speaking to Early-Careerist, Mid-Careerist and Senior Careerist about how they secured their first Healthcare position, advanced their careers, challenges they experienced and their insights relative to advancing to the next step. Matthew and I worked together to secure (18) Mid-Careerist and Senior Careerist participants from the CHEF Memberships. Although, the information and participants names are confidential, I would like to acknowledge the Senior Careerist and Mid-Careerist who participated in Matthew Relano’s EDCN Internship Project.The information will provide healthcare organizations with the ability to better provide for the needs of the target population; diverse healthcare professionals who are looking to advance their healthcare careers. The information and feedback that each of the Careerists provided relative to their experiences is ‘life changing’ and will impact diverse individuals on their  road toward healthcare career success.

Corresponding today to enlist your support as a Senior Careerist’s, Mid-Careerist’s and Early Careerists — Please consider contributing your voice to EDCN. As a Diverse Healthcare Executive, your experiences and lessons learned with benefit others during their healthcare career journey. Please contact Cie Armstead, ACHE Director Diversity & Inclusion at:

Thank you in advance for your participation.

You Make A Difference,

Charlene Roderick,
CHEF Board of Director, Diversity & Inclusion
ECDN Overview Handout

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