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CHEF 2015 President’s Message

Let?s face it: working in healthcare is stressful.? With declining reimbursement from all payors our health institutions are struggling to do more with less.? This typically means that leaders at all levels are expected to BuchlerHeadShot14work harder and longer than before.? So much time is spent at work it is difficult to justify spending even more time away from home to attend voluntary educational events or to socialize and network with peers.? Consolidations amongst major institutions mean that we are more and more competing for a shrinking pool of leadership positions.? In such a competitive environment it is difficult to reach out to colleagues to say that you don?t know something or to request help.

It does not have to be all doom and gloom.? Participating in professional societies such as CHEF allows us to meet like-minded professionals from different employers.? Roughly half of our members last year reported attending a CHEF event.? That means that there is a full half of our member colleagues that have not made the most of the learning and networking opportunities that CHEF provides throughout the year.? Personally, I have benefitted greatly by my involvement.? Beyond the social benefits ? I have the ability to ask for advice or even help from other CHEF members when a project roams into territories I have not yet explored.? It is amazing what CHEF members will do for you by simply being asked.

If you are reading this then you already know the value of belonging to ACHE.? Chances are you have colleagues that are not members.? Reach out and let them know about the different events that CHEF offers throughout the year.? Invite them to attend a program with you to learn a new skill or to network with other CHEF healthcare leaders.? I know they?d appreciate it and we?d love to see you as well.

Richard Buchler, MHA, FACHE
2015 CHEF President

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