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CHEF ACHE 2017 IHA Leadership Summit Education Program Summary

By Laura Grochowski, MHA, Boncura Health Solutions
CHEF Chapter Communications Committee Member

Partnerships, design thinking and core transformations were recurrent themes panelists recognized as essential to sustainability during the first session of the September 12th CHEF ACHE 2017 IHA Leadership Summit Education Program Sustainability of Healthcare Organizations: A Plan of Action that was moderated by Rupert Evans from Governors State University and included panelists Michael Allen from OSF HealthCare, Alisa Coleman from Ferrell Hospital and Dr. David A. DiLoreto from GE Healthcare Camden Group.  As one panelist shared, healthcare can no longer continue to keep coiling the hose in a way that the hose doesn’t want to go and panelists agreed that disruption and innovation are needed to adapt and manage the changes in revenue growth, human capital, and leadership. It is by understanding consumer needs, measuring and managing processes and developing unique partnerships that organizations can make smart strategic decisions to ensure continued sustainability. Per one panelist, the time has come in healthcare to “blow some things up.”

During the second session titled Physician-Hospital Integration in the 21st Century, the importance of transparency, communication, cultural understanding and collaboration were echoed by all panelists. While Physician-Hospital Integration can provide organizations with the ability to expand services, align quality initiatives, manage population health, and improve the work life balance of providers, it is important to understand the challenges as well, especially in relation to acquisitions. Be mindful of STARK, lien searches, licensure pieces and ongoing litigation one panelist urged, while another recommended a dyad leadership model to assist in building trust and bridging best practices. And what is driving this integration? All acknowledged technology as a key driver in Physician-Hospital Integration.  Panelists included Christopher Anderson from Hogan Marren Babbo & Rose, Dennis Hesch from Carle Foundation Hospital and Craig Miller from Specialty Physicians of Illinois with David Schreiner from Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital moderating.

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