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Executive Diversity Career Navigator

By Charlene Roderick
CHEF Board of Directors/Diversity & Inclusion Board Liaison

I would like to take this opportunity to share the Executive Diversity Career Navigator with each of you. The EDCN is a collaborative project of six national healthcare organizations dedicated to the advancing executive diversity. This informational resource was built for Diverse Healthcare Executives at every stage of your career journey.

Here are the definitions of the various Career Stages:

Early Careerist
Early careerists are healthcare executives who are under the age of 40 or in entry-level management positions. Examples of position titles include Administrative Fellow, Resident, Analyst, and Coordinator.

Mid-careerists are healthcare executives who are between the ages of 40-49 or in mid-management positions. Titles include Administrator, Director, and Assistant Vice President.

Senior Careerist
Senior careerists are healthcare executives who are 50 years and above or in high level management positions such as CEO, CMO, CFO, and COO.

Please check out the EDCN Website today and click here for the Talking Points handout. Share your ideas relative to how we can continue to grow EDCN into the one-stop shop for navigating your healthcare management career.

The CHEF organization would like to create a Webinar to Launch EDCN amongst our Membership in the November 2017 timeframe. If you’re interested in participating please contact us at to express your interest in participating.

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