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Local ACHE Chapter Welcomes You to New City

I recently moved to Chicago, not knowing a soul other than my life partner. He had moved for a professor role at a Chicago university. Luckily, this was not my first time being brand new to an unfamiliar city.

Thanks to local chapters of ACHE, such as the Chicago Healthcare Executives’ Forum (CHEF) and the California Association of Healthcare Leaders (CAHL), I have quickly felt at home professionally and personally in new cities.

Upon my arrival to San Francisco in 2013, having graduated from an east coast graduate program 1 month prior, I serendipitously heard about ACHE. I attended an event on the construction of a new hospital for UCSF and was warmly welcomed by CAHL members. The Chair of the Local Programming Committee, overseeing educational and networking events, invited me to join an upcoming call for a committee meeting. With that kind invitation, I embarked on my ACHE journey. From there, I met inspiring leaders and role models who were so genuinely eager to give me advice about the Bay Area, introduce me to their colleagues, serve and volunteer in our community beyond ACHE, co-plan chapter educational and diversity events with affinity groups, and even invite me for the filming of a music video from famous Hollywood acts to benefit mental health awareness in children.

With that experience, it is no surprise that the CAHL Regent introduced me to the President Elect of CHEF a couple of months ago upon my arrival. I felt the same kind of generosity and welcoming spirit at CHEF. I was quickly introduced to committee members and the regent who held informational interviews with me so that I could plug into CHEF right away and help build on top of past successes. One committee chair was nice enough to even recommend reliable snow boots and favorite coffee shops around the city.

ACHE helps make the world feel small and change very exciting. This holidays season, I know that many of us give thanks to ACHE and the individuals that make up local chapters.
Monica P. Garcia, MPH, MLIS, MA
Harvard School of Public Health


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