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Message From Your CHEF President

Here’s hoping that everyone made it through Thanksgiving with minimal weight gain and took time to reflect on what you are truly grateful for.  As we move into the latter part of the holiday season, we find ourselves busy with parties and shopping, cooking and entertaining.  But let’s try not to forget that giving spirit extends from your professional life to your personal life.  As you give presents to your friends and family, consider giving a call to a member of your network in a job search to offer your support.  Take that call from a student or early careerist looking or mentorship and guidance.  As you make your New Year’s resolution, consider volunteering for a cause you believe in or serving on a non-profit board.  Many organizations are looking for the expertise of healthcare leaders, and community service checks off one more pre-requisite for the ACHE Board of Governors exam. Take a couple of those vacation days that have been accruing through 2017 because you were just too busy to step away from the office.  That quality time spent with your family will pay immediate and immeasurable dividends.  Perhaps even coax your children to join you in your volunteering efforts and share with them the spirit of volunteerism.  As they mature, it is a gift they will learn to appreciate just as much as the video games and cell phones.

If you are looking for opportunities to volunteer your time within the ACHE/CHEF organization, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or a CHEF board member.  We’re always looking for extra hands and would be happy to help find a role for you that fits your skills and expertise.

Happy holidays to all of our CHEF family, and don’t forget the ‘reason for the season’!

Earnest Davis, Jr., FACHE
2017 CHEF President

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