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Metropolitan Chicago Regent Offers Education Assistance Program

Are you an ACHE/CHEF member and currently in transition?

The Metropolitan Chicago ACHE Regent would like to assist you.? Anita Halvorsen, FACHE, our Regent, is offering ACHE members in transition the opportunity to attend CHEF events on a complimentary basis.? We understand that maintaining your education hours is important and difficult when looking for that new role.

Here are the requirements:

  1. Must be a current ACHE member or FACHE in the Metropolitan Chicago Chapter of ACHE (CHEF).
  2. Must be “in transition or in between” employment roles.? The first year after graduation looking for employment?does not count.? Should the person secure a new position by the time of the CHEF event, the honesty system asks you to?notify CHEF so that the complimentary pass can be given to another individual.
  3. Can apply for up to 2 passes per calendar year.
  4. Option to speak with the CHEF President and/or Regent (in-person or by phone) to assist with employment search.
  5. CHEF Events ONLY.

Individuals interested in participating in the program should complete the form.? Once the 2016 CHEF Event calendar is complete, you will be contacted and asked to specify which programs would you like to attend.? If you have any questions, please contact us at 630/428-3211 or by email at


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