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Region 3, Metropolitan Chicago Regent Spring Message

ACHE Members of the Metropolitan Chicago area,

Happy New Year!? I hope that this year brings you joy, success and opportunities to learn something new ? perhaps it?s a new fact, discovery of a new personal passion or a new skill.? Whatever your ?new thing? is, enjoy it to its fullest and then share it with someone!

I?ll share my new favorite app (it?s a personal one!)?It?s the OCEARCH Shark Tracker App which tracks sharks for conservation purposes.? Say what you want, I can?t wait to see where ?Katharine? pops up, she sure is an adventurer!? This might tie to my personal goal to swim in these waters, but nonetheless, it?s a cool app that will carry you away from our real worlds for at least for a few minutes!? See, you learned something about me, I?d like to learn something about you?.Please reach out and let?s have a phone conversation, or please introduce yourself at a local chapter event.

I also have a personal request of you ? think about the personal value that you take away from being involved in your professional association, American College of Healthcare Executives, and your local chapter, Chicago Health Executives Forum.? Please reach out to a leader who isn?t a member yet and share your thoughts about our value proposition.? Share what learning and networking opportunities ACHE and CHEF have brought you.? Share what becoming and maintaining your FACHE credential means to you.? CHEF has 1988 members in its chapter.? We continue to be the largest in the nation.? Wouldn?t it be INCREDIBLE to bring in the 12 new members this year to top us over 2000??

Let?s grow together, learn together and from each other, connect to each other and in the end, create a stronger, smarter local chapter and piece of the ACHE pie for Metropolitan Chicago!


Anita Halvorsen, FACHE

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