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The COVID Crisis One Year Later: Revisiting Healthcare Board Director and CHRO Perspectives

Pearl Meyer is a 2021 CHEF Platinum Sponsor.

In 2020, just after the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, Pearl Meyer conducted two healthcare peer exchange sessions. One included CHROs and the other included health system board members. We provided a forum for participants to come together and discuss the challenges their organizations were experiencing and share ideas.

A full year later, we decided to revisit the concept to learn about the manner in which provider organizations have adapted to the ongoing pandemic and to better understand the new challenges that are present. It was clear from the beginning of these discussions that last year’s challenges have evolved. Some were expected, such as burnout, and others less expected such as the impact of new competitors both inside and outside the industry driving up wages. And of course, the “Great Resignation” is marked by broader individual reconsiderations about safety, mental health, work-life balance, the ability to work remotely, and finding renewed purpose in the face of loss, among a host of other reasons. This well documented trend is hitting the healthcare industry particularly hard.

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