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The Unexpected Side Effect of COVID-19: Collaboration

–Adapted from “The Unexpected Side Effect of COVID-19: Collaboration,” HealthLeaders Media

With the arrival of COVID-19 came chaos. And from that chaos rose innovations that have transformed healthcare delivery. Yet, according to healthcare executives, during the interim between the arrival of the pandemic and the innovations that followed, a remarkable phenomenon occurred: unprecedented collaboration.

Walls between siloed departments within hospitals tumbled down. Representatives from competing hospitals met to share information. Community organizations and public health departments exchanged data with health systems. Physicians, whose offices had closed, shared their personal protective equipment with colleagues on the front-line of the battle.

Innovation executives participated in roundtable discussions during the virtual HealthLeaders Innovation Exchange this summer to share experiences and ideas with other hospital and health system colleagues. Top of FormBottom of FormOne of the themes to emerge from that discussion was the value of collaboration in the innovation process and the many forms it has taken.

Read more about thee five ways collaboration has helped change the healthcare landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the advantages this type of cooperation provides to the industry.


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