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VIDEO: Tribute to Healthcare Leaders, Educators, Frontline and Essential Workers – Thank you for making a difference! From the 45th CHEF Annual Meeting 



We are Chicago. We are resilient. We are healthcare.

In a year when healthcare leadership was tested, innovation was in high demand, and community leadership was an absolute necessity, our hospital and health system executives rose to the challenges facing our diverse and vulnerable communities.

Healthcare delivery transformed as the use of telemedicine technology increased and advanced patient safety protocols were implemented.

Together, we provided the resources necessary to serve our patients and their families during unprecedented times.

By collaborating across the city and suburbs, sharing best practices, and providing the service excellence our clinical and business professionals are known for nationally, we were able to make significant changes to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients, clinicians, employees, and the community as a whole.

Our leaders were pressed to find unique solutions as social determinants of health came to the forefront for those we serve, and health disparities became more evident.

We honor our frontline heroes, our caregivers, their commitment to excellence, and executives’ ongoing dedication to improving healthcare.

As the professional organization for Chicago’s healthcare executives, CHEF is one of the largest ACHE chapters and is privileged to serve the ongoing educational and developmental needs of its membership.

A special thanks to the ACHE Higher Education Network program directors that nurture, mentor, and teach students and our future healthcare leaders.

Led by an esteemed board of directors, CHEF continues to support individual career achievement, mentoring others, being mentored, encouraging health studies and advancement at every level, whether its students or fellows, and applauding the groundbreaking efforts of the newest leaders, our young healthcare executives.

Our commitment to the healthcare industry and the people we serve has never been more vital. Thank you for the lifesaving work you do. We honor you and thank you for all your outstanding efforts, dedication, and service throughout the year, and for making a difference in healthcare.

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